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OnX Motorcycle Light

The new OnX motorcycle mount allows you to harness the unsurpassed distance and smooth spread of the Baja Designs OnX 8” LED light bar on your motorcycle. Now you can easily mount the 8” OnX LED bar to your stock handle bar mount and achieve more light than ever available, as well as easy aim and go adjustability. The OnX M/C mount will give the same light used by Factory KTM (Quinn Cody, Kurt Caselli, Mike Brown and Ivan Ramirez). 

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Baja Designs Motorcycle Products

Baja Designs has been proudly serving the off road motorcycle community for 20 years. Engineered by racers with over 40 years of combined knowledge in off road racing, Baja Designs motorcycle products have an unsurpassed level of quality and ingenuity. Baja Designs delivers the highest standard, utilized by the best racers and everyday riders around the world. Through our ongoing in-the-field research and development process, we continually refine, reevaluate and evolve our materials and manufacturing process to produce the best possible motorcycle products and off road lighting available.

Baja Designs rugged dual sport kits have revolutionized the dual sport enthusiast’s experience for over 20 years. Whether you are a daily driver or a cross country dual sport rider, the Baja Designs dual sport kit will allow you to meet OEM standards and safely navigate the road as well as the most treacherous back roads. We offer dual sport kits for almost every motorcycle imaginable, including Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husaberg, and Husqvarna. We also provide LED, HID and many other kit upgrades. We can even help you customize your dual sport kit to make your bike unique or work for your specific lighting needs. Please feel free to view our complete line of dual sport kits or call one of our knowledgeable sales staff with any questions you may have regarding dual sporting your motorcycle today. The Squadron 3x3 LED motorcycle light has become the standard in off road LED lighting. This light packs 3,600 lumens and will truly annihilate the night. The Squadron LED light exceeds HID output yet weighs only 12 oz. It uses active Thermal Management, Single Layer Solid Core Copper Circuit Board and an aircraft grade aluminum housing that maintains LED temperature within the defined operating limits. Designed specifically for aggressive night-time riding, the Squadron LED light combines amazing distance projection along with a wide peripheral spread and an overall smooth light pattern. This light utilizes four CREE XML LEDs – currently the brightest, most efficient LEDs on the market to give you a blinding 3600 lumens. Not only is the Squadron the brightest LED light on the market, but it also only draws 3.6 amps! The Squadron 3x3 LED has been tested by some of the best racers in the world and has allowed us to proudly say the Squadron is the best LED off road motorcycle light in the industry. "For the off-road enthusiast the Squadron is quite possibly the best all around light for the dollar." -Dirt Bike Magazine

 Baja Designs HID lights and HID race lights have become the most recognizable lights of the Baja. Racer tested and proven for victory, our HID lights have lit the way to many podium victories and continue to illuminate the path for off road enthusiasts everywhere. If you're a serious night rider or racer who wants nothing but the best possible motorcycle HID lighting system for your bike, look no further. Baja Designs race lights are the industry standard in off road motorcycle lighting. Our HID LaPaz, PreRunner, and Fuego race lights are perfect for fast trails, fire roads, desert or dunes. All Baja Designs HID lights offer a great combination of light weight, awesome performance and low vulnerability from crash damage. Compare any of our Baja Designs HID lighting systems to any other HID system and the difference will be clear; just like the road or trail stretched out in front of you . . !