Now your ride doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! 
Baja Designs offers complete bolt-on, plug-in Enduro Lighting Kits to fit almost any bike that doesn't come stock with factory lighting. Some kits are available in both a "headlight only" version or a "headlight with taillight & brakelight" version.

Kits include:

  • Baja Designs halogen headlight with glass lens, H4 high/low bulb, & mounting straps. All headlight plastics match OEM colors.
  • Complete bike-specific wiring harness with OEM style waterproof connectors. No cutting, crimping or soldering required for installation. Optional taillight and brakeswitch wiring is also included with all harnesses.
  • Compact handlebar-mounted high/low/off switch with optional ignition kill function.
  • Pre-wired AC voltage regulator (when required.)
  • Optional - Baja Designs LED taillight (TTR225 uses Maier taillight) and brake light switch.
  • All necessary mounting hardware.
  • Detailed installation instructions.

NOTE: These kits will only work with bikes that come stock with a lighting coil or can be modified to produce lighting power. Some bikes will require a stator wind or an aftermarket stator assembly to run any lighting. Our Application Chart will tell you if your bike needs anything other than the lighting kit.

XR/CRF 50/70/80/100/150/200 (See Below)

1984-'99   31-0415-WT XR/CRF 50/70 requires stator (Part #: 30-0110)
2000-'03   31-0415-RD XR/CRF 80/100 requires stator (Part #: 30-0112)
2004-ON   31-0415-4R
2003-'05 CRF150R   31-0415-4R
Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-6001)
2006-ON CRF150 Electric Start 31-0260 31-0270  
CRF230F - All Years 31-0260
2004-'09 CRF250R   31-0035-4R
Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-5995)
2010-ON CRF250R SII, Squadron 31-0035-4R  Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-5995)
2002-'08 CRF450R   31-0035-4R Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-5995)
2009-ON CRF450R SII, Squadron 31-0035-4R
Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-5995)
KLX110 31-0331-GN 31-0332-GN  
KLX125 31-0335 31-0345 Requires stator rewind (Part #: 12-6030)
KLX140 31-0338 31-0339  
1998-'07 KX 2 Stroke SII

Requires aftermarket stator
2004-'09 KX250F SII

Requires aftermarket stator
2010-ON KX250F SII

Fuel Injected Bikes Only
2006-'08 KX450F None None  
2009-'14 KX450F SIISquadron
  Fuel Injected Bikes Only
TTR125 Kickstart   31-0415-BU Requires Stator Rewind
TTR125 Electric Start 31-0305 31-0315  
TTR225 31-0320 31-0330  
TTR230 31-0287 31-0288  
1998-'09 YZF 400/426/450 4 Stroke   31-0035-WT Requires aftermarket stator
2010-ON YZ450F SIISquadron
2003-2013 YZ 125/250   31-0035-BU
Requires aftermarket stator
WR 2 Stroke - All Years   31-0035-BU Requires aftermarket stator
2003-'14 SX 2 Stroke SIISquadron
31-0045-BK Requires K2 or K3 OEM stator
2003-'07 XC/XC-W 2 Stroke SIISquadron  31-0045-BK
2003-'07 SX/SMR 4 Stroke SIISquadron
31-0045-OG Requires K2 or K3 OEM stator
2000-'05 MXC Electric Start 4 Stroke  SIISquadron
2008-ON MXC Electric Start 2 Stroke SIISquadron  31-0342  
2011-ON 450 SX-F SIISquadron
  No stator modification necessary
NOTE: ALL '07-'10 SXF 250/450/505 & '08-'10 XC-F 450/505 models Can Not Run Lighting     No stator is available
DRZ110   31-0032-WT  
DRZ125  31-0335 31-0345 Requires stator rewind
2001-'08 RM 2 Stroke   31-0035-WT
Requires aftermarket stator
2005-'07 RMZ 4 Stroke   31-0035-WT
Requires aftermarket stator
ALL 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Kickstart Models   31-0035-WT Stator must have lighting coil
ALL 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Electric Start Models SIISquadron