Acewell Speedometers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wire any Acewell speedometer to the connector on the Baja Designs front harness?

A: Yes, however, the Baja Designs front harness is specifically wired to accommodate an Acewell 1550T speedometer. If you'd like to run any other speedometer, GPS or another Acewell unit, you may cut the triangle white 3-pin connector off of the Baja Designs front harness and use the diagram below to splice the wires for any other units:


Q: How far away does the magnet need to be from the sensor?

A: 5-8mm.

Q: Why does my speed double after 10mph?

A: The speed only doubles on Acewell’s if the two lines on the sensor are not positioned vertically.


Q: How do I install the tachometer wire?

A: Wrap the yellow wire that’s been included with your Acewell around the ignition coil 3-5 times. Make sure the spacing between each wrap is equally spaced and there isn’t a gap between the ignition coil and the yellow wire.


Q: How do I install the tachometer wire on a coil pack?

A: If your street bike uses a coil pack, you need to find the appropriate size resistor that will go inline between the tachometer wire and your coils power wire.


Q: Why is my tachometer reading erratic?

A: If your tachometer reading is erratic, the spacing between each individual wrap needs to be increased/decreased and you need to double check the gap between the ignition coil and yellow wire.