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Stealth XPG, 10 LED Bar

The STEALTH LED bar is the next generation of LED lighting! The 10" STEALTH LED Bar packs 3,500 Lumens that will truly annihilate the night. The STEALTH exceeds HID output yet weighs only 1.7 lbs and significantly increases aerodynamics. The STEALTH bar is the new generation of LED lighting.

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Baja Designs UTV/ATV Lights

Baja Designs LED lights, LED light bars and HID lights have become the industry standard for off-road and Baja racing. Top race teams such as McMillin Racing, Team 71, AGM, Menzies Motorsports, Malcolm Smith, Johnny Campbell and many more choose Baja Designs LED lights and HID lights to give them the winning edge. Baja Designs engineers are racers themselves and have used their experience and our racers experience to continually improve and advance each line of lights. You can count on Baja Designs to bring you the latest lighting technology in a robust package that is built to perform in the harshest conditions. Baja Designs lights are also proudly made in America.

Baja Designs has lights for almost any UTV and ATV, including LED light bars and LED light mounting kits for the Polaris RZR and Kawasaki Teryx. The Baja Designs U.S. made Stealth LED light bar and Squadron LED light have revolutionized LED lighting. The Stealth’s slim and sleek housing allow it to go almost unseen during the day, but with each 10” section packing 3,500 Lumens the Stealth LED light bar truly brings day to the night. Each LED bar is hand assembled with the highest quality XP-G LEDs. The Squadron LED light is a 3 inch x 3 inch light that has made a huge leap in LED technology. The Squadron produces a raw 3,600 lumens with an unmistakably fluid beam pattern. Utilizing four CREE XML LEDs picked from the highest quality bin, the Squadron is one of the best innovations in LED lighting. The Squadron LED, like the Stealth LED light bar, is very low profile and makes it easy for off road enthusiasts’ to mount anywhere. The Squadron is available in four patterns to ensure that you get light right where you need it.

 Our newest LED light bar is called OnX. This LED light bar continues Baja Designs tradition of pushing technology to its limits. The OnX LED light bar combines the CREE XML LEDs with an oversize reflector to truly give you the distance of an HID light with the smooth pattern of an LED light. All of Baja Designs LED lights and LED light bars use LEDs that are 5,000K which produces a nice white light that is easier on the eye and provides greater terrain recognition. If you are looking for the best in off road LED lighting, then Baja Designs Stealth LED light bars, Squadron LED lights and the NEW OnX LED light bars are your answer!

 Our HID lights and light racks have lit the road to victory for many racers all over the world, including Matlock racing. The most recognizable light in Baja is the Baja Designs 8” La Paz HID light. The LaPaz HID light offers ultimate durability and performance that cannot be matched by any other HID light on the market. The La Paz utilizes a high impact nylon housing and a three point vibration isolated mounting that allows for easy adjustability. Whether you are a serious racer or an active enthusiast, the La Paz HID light gives you a one of a kind performance and look along with a heritage of race wining technology behind it.

Our PreRunner HID and Fuego HID lights also represent the quality and durability of Baja Designs lights. The 6 inch PreRunner HID Light is the perfect blend of size and performance. The PreRunner patterns not only project deep into the night but are smooth and wide offering good coverage when cornering. With a durable replaceable polycarbonate lens and patented "Aim-N-Go" adjustability it has all the great features you would expect from a Baja Designs product.

The Fuego is the smallest Baja Designs HID light at just 4 inches and weighing in at 2.5 pounds. Our Fuego HID light is the most powerful HID light in its class and is available in four patterns so you can be sure to have light right where you need it. And like our other HID lights, the Fuego offers our patented “Aim-n-Go” adjustability and 3 point vibration isolation.

 Each of our Baja Designs HID lights have proudly served the racing community for over a decade and continue to embody the durability and quality required for harsh off-road conditions.