Strykr SL System
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Strykr, SL System
Battery powered LED light for all your adventures – designed as a helmet light and handlebar light for your mountain bike or road bike. The Strykr SL can also be a great addition for your motorcycle or ATV. Producing 925 lumens and weighing in at only 470 grams the Strykr SL will light up anything you toss at it. The Strykr SL will run up to 12 hours and is completely waterproof up to 33 ft.
Strykr, SL System Includes:
  • Light Head (Wide Reflector is installed stock)
  • Additional Spot Reflector
  • O-ring Bar Mount
  • Helmet Mount (Short Velcro Strap & Long Velcro Strap)
  • Bar Rubbers (22mm, 25.4mm, 28.5mm, 31.8mm)
  • Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • 30" Cord
  • 3/8" x 20" Velcro Strap
Here's a great synopsis of our Strykr series light systems sent to forum member on

"Hi SoCal_Jack,

The Baja Designs Strykr series systems have multiple levels that break down by halves, so you have 3hrs on High (925 lumens), 6hrs on Medium (roughly 450 lumens), and 12hrs of Low (roughly 225 lumens), the Flasher mode last for up to 30hrs on a full battery on the single beam systems. The Double Stryk gets half the burn time that the single beam systems get, but generally you are able to cruise around in the Mid and Low settings and still have more than plenty of light. Of course the ultimate combo is the Double Stryk and Strykr SL, but honestly with the level of light that is being produced you'll be stoked with any combination you'd like to go with. (but I recommend the most expensive one ;) )

The battery uses Sanyo cells, is fully armored, water proof, and is warrantied for two years (the rest of the system's electronics has a life-time warranty), I believe two years is twice as long as the best warranty in the industry. The charger that comes with the Strykr II is a smart charger (red when charging/green when done) that takes 2.5hrs to top off a battery that has been fully drained.

Here's our Facebook page if you'd like to see what you're getting into, Baja Designs owners are definitely more of a hardcore group so be forewarned:

2012 Light Shootout review of the Baja Designs Strykr SL: 

Last year this light was called the Baja Designs Stryker Pro  and it put out 43 lux on the Mtbr Ambient Light Meter and it was a bit of a disappointment. It was a bit lower than the Baja Stryker even though it shared most of the same components. Well, Baja Designs searched and found the problems and came out with the new and improved Stryker SL. It now leaps up to 74 Lux and matches the output of its sibling now called the Stryker II.

The purpose of the Stryker SL is primarily for helmet mounting as the Stryker II has a huge head.  The Stryker SL is a much smaller, sleeker package with more advanced mounting system. It can be used for handlebar mounting as well for folks who prefer smaller system on their bars. In the end, we believe the ideal application for this light is as helmet light to complement a bar mounted Stryker II or the stunning new Double Stryk from Baja.

  • Claimed Lumens: 950 Lumens (*925 Lumens)
  • Light Head Weight: 99 grams
  • Installed Weight: 430 grams
  • Run Time: 3 hrs on High, 6hrs on Medium, 12hrs on Low, 30hrs on Flasher modes
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 74 Lux


Unlike the Stryker II, this has a very slick mounting system that can be installed by hand and moved from bike to bike easily. A helmet mount is included as well.

MTBR Light Meter Measurements:

This light measured 74 lux on our ambient light measurement facility. This is a huge leap from last year and now matches its Stryker II sibling.

Light Meter Charts and Comparison Table »


  • Excellent brightness and beam pattern
  • Rugged head unit design
  • Now useable for helmet (*all Strykr series light systems are compatible with the Low Profile Helmet Mount)
  • Handlebar mounting is now removable and can be aimed left to right
  • Water proof up to 30 feet under water (*33ft)
  • beam pattern is wide with a wide option lens included in the package


  • Should have a smaller battery option

Bottom Line:

This is a key light in the Baja Designs line, offering a smaller light with their quality optics and construction. This is functional, versatile and will do well solo or complementing a bar mounted Double Stryk or Styker II"

*Added information/correction

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