Acewell 4553 Chrome Speedometer computer
Product Number: 194553CH
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ACEWELL 4553 - Chrome



  • Aluminum CNC main unit with built-in 4-6 LED indicators for different applications
  • Displays needle tachometer, speedometer, clock, coolant or air temperature and fuel gauge plus additional function simultaneously
  • Different series have different needle tachometer scales; all series display digital tachometer up to 19,900 RPM
  • User can adjust his/her preferred back light color
  • Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km/18.6 miles
  • Fuel gauge includes +/-100, 250 and 510 Ohm options for fuel meter input resistance, as well as “fuel gauge off” mode
  • Universal wheel circumference setting range from 1 to 3999mm
  • Features a 99 lap timer and an optional cable connected remote control switch
  • Includes bracket, RPM sensing wire, hall or reed speed sensor, fitting kits, wiring harness, temperature sensor and remote control switch
  • Excellent water resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design



Needle and digital tachometers, speedometer, trip meter 1&2, odometer, coolant or oil temperature, air temperature, maximum coolant/oil temperature, maximum and average speed, riding time, total riding time, 12/24 hour clock, volt meter, a 99 lap timer and bar graph fuel gauge