Acewell 1550T Speedometer computer
Product Number: 191550
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The Acewell 1550T Speedometer computer can display a speedometer, Tachometer,  and Odometer or one of the other functions simultaneously.

Fifty lap timers are available.

The unit can apply both built-in CR232 battery and the bike's battery.

Optional bar-graphic tachometer scales of 10,000rpm or 20,000rpm.

Built-in shift warning and over temperature warning LED indicators.

Bar-graphics are for either thermometer or fuel gauge, fuel meter includes 3 options of fuel meter input resistance +/-100,250 and 510Ohm.

Total hour meter and odometer are always kept in memory.

Universal speed sensing circuit for reed sensor and hall sensor.

Universal wheel circumference setting rang: 1-3999mm.

Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km.

Dimensions: 5.5" W, 2.25" H, .75" thick



Note: If you have a 90/90-21 Tire the circumference is 2,139.95 MM.

Stock KTM speedo cables will work with Acewell Speedos if the connector is changed.